Forensic DNA Sample Tracking

STACS Database

The leading DNA Database sample tracking software in North America for Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Laboratories.

STACS®Database improves submission management and forensic system integration to save time and money, reduce error, and centralize data access for high throughput forensic DNA database labs.


  • Unlike general laboratory information management systems (LIMS), STACS Database employs a deep understanding of the DNA process
  • Uses a convenient barcode-based identification system to provide an audit trail of all lab activity
  • Results in increased productivity, a reduction in errors, and improved data quality and compliance
  • Maintains security and confidentiality through roles and permissions while ensuring lab staff have access to the information they need
  • Configure and manage every task in the DNA lab with a flexible and robust configuration system that supports client-based control
Used by databanking labs since 2000, STACS Database handles hit tracking, troubleshooting incidents, peer review, and audits so the focus remains on processing the right samples... quickly.

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Used by over 700 hospitals, health systems, labs, blood and plasma centers