STACS DNA Makes Grant Tracking Effortless

OTTAWA, ON—STACS DNA Inc., the only DNA sample processing software provider, today introduced grant tracking in STACS-CW Enterprise software for forensic casework DNA laboratories. Grant tracking saves criminologists and grant managers time by automatically tracking grant-related statistics and making reporting to funding bodies easy.

Labs may require criminalists to enter all of their activities into a spreadsheet to capture data for multiple funding bodies. If an error is discovered in the spreadsheet, an analyst may take hours or even days away from processing cases to fix it. In addition, the grant manager may spend hours calculating statistics to complete regular grant reporting, such as is required twice annually for the National Institute of Justice.

“Since STACS already captures everything an analyst does in the lab, as well as the consumables used, our clients asked us to add grant tracking to make it easier for them to report to the NIJ,” said Jocelyn Tremblay, STACS DNA’s President and COO. “Grant tracking will save our clients considerable time and exasperation, so labs can focus on working cases instead of spreadsheets.”

STACS-CW Enterprise completely automates grant tracking as part of its regular, extensive audit trail. Labs can track regular and overtime hours for staff and contract employees, purchased consumables, and performance statistics such as the number of samples processed, profiles developed and profiles entered into CODIS, all of which can be allocated to specific grants, funding sources and contracts. Grant reports are fully customizable, making it easy for users to quickly generate exactly those reports required by lab management and oversight boards.

About STACS-CW Enterprise

STACS-CW Enterprise is sample tracking and control software specifically designed for casework DNA labs. It has been proven to increase sample processing capacity by more than 40% while meeting all forensic accreditation standards— with no new hiringand withno need to acquire or replace a lab’s current forensics LIMS.Rather, STACS-CW Enterprise addresses the shortcomings of current forensics LIMS faced by DNA labs. It is simply the most effective DNA sample processing software available today.


STACS DNA delivers the only sample processing software specifically designed for DNA laboratories. Since 2000, we’ve helped DNA labs of all sizes to accelerate throughput, save time, prevent errors, cut costs, and maintain chain of custody. STACS tracks and controls samples, manages workflows, integrates systems and instrumentation and improves data quality. Used by federal, state, regional and local police forces in the U.S. and Canada, including many of the largest DNA labs in North America. The company is based in Ottawa, ON and Fairfax, VA. For more information, visit

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