STACS DNA Names OZ Systems as Track-Kit Value Added Reseller for Newborn Screening

OTTAWA, ON AND ARLINGTON, TX — STACS DNA and OZ Systems today announced that OZ Systems is now a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Track-Kit for Newborn Screening (NBS). OZ Systems will deliver Track-Kit specimen tracking as part of the OZ Newborn Screening Suite and as an entry solution for specimen tracking. OZ Newborn Screening Suite is an end-to-end solution with real-time, verifiable birth information, efficient automated collection of a baby’s specimen, smart tracking for effective alerts and timely results reporting.

“The goal is to get results in the right hands faster, ultimately reducing risk for newborns,” said Terese Finitzo, CEO of OZ Systems. “OZ focuses on babies. Track-Kit focuses on specimens. By combining our expertise, no information falls through the cracks. OZ Systems is the source for helping NBS programs automate timeliness and eliminate gaps and errors. With all newborn screenings, there is a critical window of opportunity to change a baby’s future and prevent life-lasting disability or death. OZ Systems creates solutions to provide care within that window of opportunity.”

“OZ is the trusted expert with hundreds of NBS customers,” said Jocelyn Tremblay, President and COO, STACS DNA. “There is no better organization to represent Track-Kit in the NBS market.”

Newborn Screening Programs that need timeliness improvements with a limited budget can start with Track-Kit, which provides a specimen “chain of custody” by tracking each individual specimen from collection to storage. Track-Kit:

  • Integrates with the courier system to track packages and specimens in transit in real-time
  • Notifies the hospital and the lab if a delivery is late so that the specimens can be located and/or recollections can be ordered more quickly
  • Notifies the hospital when specimens are received at the lab, as required by regulations
  • Provides the lab with a real-time, global view of all incoming specimens and shipments from across the state
  • Prevents the collection of expired cards to increase quality
  • Provides an audit trail of specimen storage and destruction
  • Tracks NBS card inventory and automates re-orders across the state to maximize efficiency

With its focus on the baby, OZ Systems:

  • Integrates demographics from the hospital’s electronic health record for an accurate denominator of hospital births in real-time
  • Provides a worklist and status for each baby with next steps to assure care
  • Submits an electronic lab order for each baby with the state laboratory’s required data elements
  • Reports lab results to the newborn’s medical home

STACS DNA offers sample tracking software for timeliness, transparency and accountability. Track-Kit™ tracks samples from collection to storage, preventing delayed or lost tests and keeping all stakeholders informed. STACS® software is the hub of integrated DNA labs, increasing productivity and quality. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America. Visit

About OZ Systems
OZ Systems is an innovator in global screening solutions, bridging crucial information gaps to ensure quality care and timely interventions for patients and those who care for them. We develop end-to-end newborn screening software that reduces human errors and improves patient safety, quality of care and intervention timeliness. We are recognized for interoperability, and innovation in design and partnerships. OZ Systems has projects with U.S. and international health care providers and public health agencies. Visit