Announcing HemaCollect, A Modern Staffing Solution for Today’s Blood and Plasma Collectors

HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood and plasma collection centers and hospitals, announces the launch of HemaCollect, a mobile drive management and staffing solution for today’s fixed site, mobile, and enterprise operations. HemaCollect is the result of an 18-month effort by small, medium, and large blood centers from around the country who requested HemaTerra’s knowledge and assistance to replace their legacy product which is no longer viable for their operations.

“The industry asked for our assistance and we have provided it,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra. “The industry’s needs have changed and software platforms need to change as well. Old, legacy products that are not integrated with their supply chain, and not usable on all devices by all audiences, no longer have a place in this business. HemaCollect was built to integrate with our other products, so changes in inventory and hospital orders trigger changes in recruitment, drive calendars, and staffing schedules. Cutting-edge Human Capital Management Features: improve employees’ quality of life and help management keep key talent. HemaCollect is already being deployed in small-to-large organizations across the country and our first international implementation is on the radar.”

“Customers are clamoring to implement this product,” said Mike Deming, Vice President of Client Services. “HemaCollect empowers users at all levels with the tools to get the job done. Staffing is more intuitive, schedules can be displayed against historical data, and drag-and-drop staff lists make staffing selection easy. Some Features: have already become user favorites, such as integrated maps and directions, equity schedules, location-based scheduling, and optimized drive setups. Customers are really excited to use this product.”

About HemaTerra
HemaTerra provides industry-leading software that integrates to provide blood, plasma, and hospital organizations with a broad view of their supply chain for complete operations management. The suite of products assists customers with hospital order entry, donor recruitment, mobile drives, collections staffing, product QC, and equipment maintenance. Integration removes the barriers of information across departments so that customers can seamlessly run their entire operations.