KEDPLASMA Rolls Out HemaCollect’s Staffing Solution Across All Of Its U.S. Plasma Centers

HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood and plasma collection centers, and hospitals, announces KEDPLASMA USA is live on HemaCollect and rolling out in plasma centers across the United States throughout June. HemaCollect is the first-ever, plasma-centric solution for standardizing staffing management and metrics—by collection center, region, division, and across an enterprise. HemaCollect addresses the complex operations of plasma collectors that are further complicated by employee needs, donor flow, and inconsistent metrics. This system helps staff collect plasma uniformly and helps the center to score and measure changes consistently. HemaCollect was designed to standardize staffing, improve work-life balance and schedule equity, and add human capital management Features:.

“We searched for a solution to help us implement and automate staffing management, as well as develop metrics that could be used across multiple centers and regions. HemaCollect accomplishes this by providing a “window” of insight into daily center operations,” said Helen Nasser, Managing Director of KEDPLASMA USA. “HemaCollect is the bridge connecting multiple regions and hundreds of employees to the corporate organization. I feel confident that this implementation will assist KEDPLASMA in aligning the needs of managing our growing operation, the needs and time of employees, donor flow variations, and staffing metrics. HemaCollect is an innovative step forward for the plasma industry.”

Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra, said, “The complexity of plasma center operations when combined with employee needs, donor flow trends, staffing practices, and standardized metrics is immense. HemaCollect addresses these complexities and makes it easy to implement and score change across the organization, whether at a collection center, within a region, or at the job function level. Its integration with HemaConnect (donor recruitment CRM) and HemaComply–Equipment Manager can trigger changes across the supply chain and their impact on center operations or staffing.”

Organizations interested in HemaCollect are encouraged to request a demonstration soon to be considered in the upcoming schedule.


KEDPLASMA USA, established in 2004, specializes in the collection and procurement of high-quality plasma that is processed into plasma-based therapies. With over 500 employees, KEDPLASMA USA operates 18 plasma centers in the United States. KEDPLASMA is a subsidiary of Kedrion Biopharma, an international company that produces and distributes plasma-derived medicinal products for use in treating severe diseases, disorders and conditions such as hemophilia and immune system deficiencies.

About HemaTerra

HemaTerra provides industry-leading software that integrates to provide blood, plasma, and hospital organizations with a broad view of their supply chain for complete operations management. The suite of products assists customers with hospital order entry, donor recruitment, mobile drives, collections staffing, product QC, and equipment maintenance. Integration removes the barriers of information across departments so that customers can seamlessly run their entire operations.