Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Launches InVita’s HemaCollect For Mobile Drive and Staffing Management

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is the sixth of the largest U.S. blood centers to leverage HemaCollect for enterprise-level mobile drive and staffing management.

InVita Healthcare Technologies, the leading provider of software technologies for blood centers, hospital blood banks and plasma collectors, announces Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center’s (Gulf Coast) successful implementation of HemaCollect. HemaCollect is an industry-leading collection staffing and mobile drive management solution capable of fully addressing complex scheduling and staffing at local, regional and national levels. Gulf Coast is one of the largest community blood centers in the United States, serving 26 counties across the Texas Gulf Coast, Brazos Valley and East Texas. It serves more than 170 hospitals and health care institutions. Its facilities include Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center East Texas as well as Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center of Brazos Valley.

Theresa Pina, Vice President of Operations for Gulf Coast said, “Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is delighted to have onboarded HemaCollect, alongside the other InVita products we already utilize. HemaCollect will allow us to work in an updated environment with new features, all while being connected with systems like HemaConnect for seamless data exchanges. InVita is a great partner, and we value the relationship and their commitment to constant improvement.”

InVita’s HemaCollect is the industry’s first web-enabled drive management and staff scheduling system that empowers recruiters, administrators, and collections staff with visibility across their operations. The system’s comprehensive calendar supports staff management across collection operations, regions, or the entire enterprise. The HemaCollect Staff App is an industry-first that allows collection staff access to their schedules and drive locations with GPS directions, as well as trade shifts via HemaCollect’s proprietary Trade Board. HemaCollect’s Schedule Equity options assist blood centers with the difficult task of maintaining collection staff schedule equity across the organization.

Integrations with InVita’s HemaConnect (donor recruitment/engagement) and HemaControl (hospital ordering/inventory management) enable teams to nimbly pivot to the needs of your blood center and collect the products needed, when needed. HemaConnect’s FrontDesk module allows collections staff to improve drive performance and convert donors to optimum procedures based on real-time inventory and hospital needs.

Optional smart staffing features provide optimal staffing suggestions based on collection needs, shift equity and account-level preferences. HemaCollect also supports employee work-life balance and schedule equity by providing employees with access to tools for managing their schedules and trading shifts on the go. An integrated Staff App puts the power of HemaCollect into the hands of employees so they’re always in touch with the information they need.

“We are very pleased with the industry adoption of HemaCollect as about 30 blood centers are live today,” said Todd Collins, President & CEO of InVita. “HemaCollect replaces an almost 20-year-old legacy product that was tightly integrated with nearly every blood center’s operation and reporting. Gulf Coast is another example of a leading blood center that is willing to work with InVita to change the way drives are managed and integrated with the work-life balance of their collection staff. HemaCollect is a good product today and with the assistance of the blood collection industry, will be a great product very soon.”