InVita Healthcare Technologies, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Launch Statewide Tracking Software for Sexual Assault Kits

Survivors of sexual violence now have visibility into the status of their sexual assault collection kits (SAKs).

BALTIMORE, May 15, 2023 — InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for forensic DNA crime labs, agencies, hospitals, and survivors of sexual assault, is pleased to announce the statewide adoption of Track-Kit by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). InVita’s Track-Kit is the only complete SAK and inventory tracking solution that delivers accountability, transparency, and information-sharing among all stakeholders.

Following the passage of the 2021 Gail’s Law bill (HB 673), Florida implemented InVita’s Track-Kit, a web-based tracking system that allows survivors to monitor the location and processing of their barcoded sexual assault kits and to be notified if a DNA match to an alleged perpetrator occur

As part of Florida’s statewide announcement, Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Núñez stated, “Victims of sexual assault deserve transparency and accountability as we pursue justice for the heinous crimes committed against them. Governor DeSantis signed Gail’s Law in 2021, and we commend Commissioner Glass and FDLE for implementing the tracking program two months ahead of schedule.”

Approximately 35 states have implemented SAK tracking systems, 15 of which have selected Track-Kit’s SAK tracking system. Florida is the thirteenth state with this system in place statewide.

Sexual assault survivor, advocate and Director of Not Just Me Foundation, Julie Weil noted, “I am so excited about the SAK tracking here in Florida. With this finally in place, Florida has a truly comprehensive approach to rape kit reform. A change of this kind could have saved my family so much heartache if it had been available at the time of our crime,” further details provided in Julie’s article.

“Public safety personnel and partnering organizations have it in their power to do amazing things for people every day and our mission is to build software that enables them to do more,” said Todd Collins, President & CEO of InVita. “We are equally passionate about supporting sexual assault survivors and keeping them informed about the progress of their SAK kits. We commend the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for all they do for sexual assault survivors in the state.”

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