HemaCollect: Staff Anywhere, Adjust On The Fly and Manage Globally

HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood and plasma collection centers, and hospitals, touts HemaCollect as the only go-anywhere, do-anything staffing solution that scales the complexity of operations to simple displays on a preferred device.

HemaCollect enables users to peer into the staffing operations of a single donor center, a collections region, or across their entire enterprise anywhere in the country. For employees, HemaCollect improves work-life balance, schedule equity, and gives them powerful Features: to manage their shifts right from their smartphone. Users are amazed by this modern solution. Contact us to learn more.

About HemaTerra

HemaTerra provides industry-leading software that integrates to provide blood, plasma, and hospital organizations with a broad view of their supply chain for complete operations management. The suite of products assists customers with hospital order entry, donor recruitment, mobile drives, collections staffing, product QC, and equipment maintenance. Integration removes the barriers of information across departments so that customers can seamlessly run their entire operations.