STACS DNA Provides Crime Labs with Dynamic Searching and Reporting For Exceptional Access to DNA Lab Data

OTTAWA, ON—September 18, 2019—STACS DNA, the sample-tracking solutions company, today announced the release of its new Dynamic Query Builder and Dynamic Report Builder modules for STACS Casework, used by forensic DNA evidence laboratories for DNA sample tracking and lab management. With these new capabilities, users can create user-defined searches and reports, allowing them unparalleled access to their DNA lab data.

“Users have always been able to track and maintain a huge amount of information within the STACS Casework database, but, until now, they have been limited on their ability to pull information back out,” says Malena Jimenez, Field Application Specialist with STACS DNA. “The major impact of Dynamic Searching/Reporting is that the database has been mapped in a user-friendly way so that information can be mined based on client’s needs.”

In order to fulfill legislative requirements and ensure an accurate exchange of information within the lab, crime labs deal with multiple streams of data such as casework data, performance data and inventory data. STACS Casework tracks all lab activity, including samples, batches, CODIS hits, consumables, instruments, lab metrics, DNA profiles, grants and more. The new modules provide users with an interactive visual map of their STACS Casework database, giving them the power to collate the lab data they need and generate reports based on every metric that is recorded in STACS Casework.

Specifically, Dynamic Searching/Reporting gives users the ability to:

  • Create user defined queries to mine information from the STACS Casework database
  • Save queries as private or share them publically
  • Export results in a wide range of formats or copy to the clipboard and paste into the desired application
  • Create and generate dynamic user-defined reports on a wide range of lab performance metrics and processes

STACS Casework, first released in 2006, provides DNA evidence labs end-to-end sample tracking, documentation and control, giving forensic analysts the power to reduce turnaround time, meet quality standards and effectively manage their daily workload. Labs using STACS Casework report being able to process 43% more samples and 30% more cases – with the same number of analysts.


STACS DNA offers sample tracking software for forensics and healthcare. Track-Kit™ tracks every sample statewide to prevent delayed or lost kits and keep thousands of stakeholders informed. STACS® software is the most comprehensive DNA sample tracking and lab management software, maximizing processing throughput and minimizing risk. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America. Visit


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