HemaControl Inventory Network Goes Live for ACTS Members

HemaTerra Technologies has implemented the second stage of HemaControl Enterprise Edition. An industry breakthrough in inventory management, HemaControl assembles real-time data from any area – blood center, network, alliance or GPO – and closes all “gaps” to reduce costs and maximize resources. HemaControl also spans across an entire network of blood centers to retrieve that same information, by state or region. HemaControl provides granular information, such as ABO blood type, product, device, and location, to an integrated CRM for alignment with demand-based recruitment.

The Alliance for Community Transfusion Services (ACTS) has completed HemaControl’s second stage of installation, which enables each blood center within the Alliance to view their own inventory, or that of the entire network. HemaControl is fully integrated with HemaConnect (donor recruitment CRM) to enable blood centers to perform demand-based recruitment by ABO blood type, product, device and location. The ACTS implementation of HemaControl will continue with implementations of demand planning, logistics and transportation, as well as deeper integration with demand-based recruitment.

“Sharing information and aligning resources will have significant impact on our ability to control costs and respond efficiently to changes in demand,” said Michelle Stefan, Carter BloodCare Vice President of Corporate & Community Resources. “The Alliance adopted HemaControl as a standard because it is exactly what we need to meet the changing world of healthcare and blood utilization. Our move toward just-in-time inventory needs this system to get by the challenges of blood and hospital market changes. HemaControl gives us greater control over all operations involved in inventory management and donor recruitment… which today is critical for sustaining both large and small blood centers.”

HemaControl assembles inventory information from blood centers and hospitals, then pairs it with demand plans, and pushes it to other integrated areas. Changes in inventory and demand simultaneously direct changes in recruitment. Without instant access to all elements – blood center and hospital inventory; hospital orders and order changes; demand planning; and donor recruitment, communication, and scheduling integration – gaps form to make inventory management impossible.

“The timing of HemaControl responds well to the industry shift toward just-in-time inventory,” said Todd Collins, HemaTerra Technologies President & CEO. “It is becoming increasingly important to look across your blood center, network, alliance or GPO, to get the product you need at the right price. To partner with respected blood centers in delivering what will one day be looked upon as a historic technology innovation, is very gratifying. Being able to get such detailed information with a single click of a button – from any blood center, a network, an alliance or a GPO – is truly the benchmark of future advancements. We are proud to have contributed to this triumphant first.”