ACTS Adopts HemaControl as Inventory Management Standard

HemaTerra Technologies announced the first single-standard adoption of HemaControl Enterprise Edition, the only real-time inventory management system. Following a unanimous vote, the nine-member Alliance for Community Transfusion Services (ACTS) will become the world model for large-scale resource alignment, which will improve service, operational efficiency and cost control.

HemaControl Enterprise Edition aligns multiple blood centers for real-time inventory management and provides demand-planning tools that integrate other systems, such as demand-based donor recruitment. Whether used in a single blood center, region, or across an entire network similar to ACTS, blood centers will have the ability to look at their individual inventory and demand needs, as well as that of their member network as a whole. Sharing data by blood center, enterprise, ABO, product type, or distribution location gives decision makers the information they need to maximize resources and contain costs.

“HemaControl is the integrated solution that our industry has been yearning for,” said Michelle Stefan, Carter BloodCare Vice President of Corporate Services. “Healthcare changes and economic challenges make it more important than ever to gain efficiencies in operations and workflow. Enterprise planning and resource allocation are critical for sustaining both large and small blood centers. Technology that automates processes and aligns people creates the stable footing that blood centers need to face the changes to come. HemaTerra has embraced the needs of blood centers in this system and the ACTS group looks forward to advancing the industry with our adopted standard.”

HemaControl is the only solution to combine information needed for real-time inventory management, with online hospital ordering and solid demand planning tools. This permission-based system publishes current and forecasted inventory data that drives all integrated areas, such as donor recruitment, donor communications, appointment schedules, as well as logistics/transportation management. This one system benefits blood centers by integrating all blood product levels – including hospital blood bank inventory. In short, HemaControl empowers blood centers with significant operational control and enterprise planning.

“Inventory management is an ambiguous term and has never before included the essential elements for real-time inventory,” said Todd Collins, HemaTerra Technologies President & CEO. “Without instant access to all of the elements — blood center and hospital inventory; hospital orders and order changes; demand planning; and donor recruitment, communication, and scheduling integration — blind spots and gaps form to make real-time inventory impossible. HemaControl enables blood centers to view real-time inventory and demand, and then peer across their member network to evaluate all resources before making any plan adjustments.”