HemaTerra Announces Front Desk

HemaTerra is proud to announce FrontDesk, an innovative module that empowers center managers to take charge of their numbers and meet organizational goals. FrontDesk is expertly bundled with the top-ranking HemaConnect donor recruitment CRM. HemaConnect’s FrontDesk brings donor center information and online resources together to give managers power over their metrics and the ability to respond nimbly to change. In just a few screens, managers can see important activity – mobile app usage, upcoming campaigns, donor recruitment activity, etc. – and use it to make intelligent management decisions.

HemaConnect’s FrontDesk is equipped with Features: that will benefit blood and plasma collection, such as right-type mix, conversion management and prospect marketing. Center managers will be able to view their numbers against those of their peers and against the goals of the organization on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Widgets display relevant data to help center managers quickly spot the areas that are progressing and those in need of attention.

“The timing of FrontDesk is perfect and can help offset the challenges faced by blood and plasma collectors that are seeking growth opportunities,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Our customers express their needs and together, we develop a plan for building out Features:. As the industry further refines itself to collecting the right product at the right time and cost, the significance of FrontDesk becomes clearer because it puts resources into the hands of the people in direct contact with donors. We see FrontDesk as one in a series of new modules that keep pace with the changing needs of blood and plasma centers and reinforce the already powerful suite of HemaTerra products.”