HemaTerra Launches Industry-First Integrated Equipment Manager

We are pleased to announce the launch of HemaComply – Equipment Manager, an equipment maintenance, quality control (QC) tracking and calibration scheduling system. Built for blood centers, hospitals and other medical environments, HemaComply – Equipment Manager oversees the scheduling, review and documentation of preventive maintenance and daily QC tasks, as well as calibration schedules, to ensure equipment compliance and support safe products and services.

Blood centers, hospitals and all complex medical facilities have high volumes of lab and medical equipment, which create and require a massive number of maintenance tasks and calibration schedules for validation. When handled manually or in a stand-alone system, equipment management is burdensome and subject to compliance issues. In an automated and integrated system, time spent managing daily QC, preventive maintenance and calibration activities is decreased and compliance risk is reduced. HemaComply – Equipment Manager controls all equipment management activities to ensure that critical equipment is never out of specification, out-of-service equipment is promptly attended to, and compliance is maintained.

HemaComply – Equipment Manager is the only equipment maintenance system on the market today to offer integration with recruitment, order entry, inventory management and product QC, which gives managers valuable foresight and the ability to navigate issues significantly impacting their operations. Most importantly, this critical link means equipment removed from service will no longer impede the entire supply chain.

Like other HemaTerra products, HemaComply – Equipment Manager was designed by a Development Partner team of six blood centers: Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, San Diego Blood Bank, The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas, LifeShare Blood Centers, Coastal Bend Blood Center, and MEDIC Regional Blood Center. All are in various stages of implementation or active use of this new product. Also like other HemaTerra products, HemaComply – Equipment Manager is easy to implement, extremely reliable and very affordable.

Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies said, “Our partners discussed their challenges with other equipment management systems and believe those challenges were amplified by using software that is antiquated in both design and direction. Also, that the software does not integrate with existing systems in the blood center’s ecosystem. What makes our product unique is that we are investing the time and resources to fully integrate this product with their usage of HemaConnect, HemaControl and HemaComply. In other words, a piece of equipment taken out of service prompts an appropriate reaction within their donor recruitment, order entry, inventory management and QC areas.”