HemaTerra Announces Industry First: Integrated, Intelligent Text Messaging

HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities, is empowering HemaConnect CRM users with next generation text messaging Features: to energize donor communications and increase collections. Leveraging the power and knowledge of an all-in-one CRM, these enhancements bring donor behavior, motivations, and preferences down to the individual level for ultra-personalized outreach. The new text messaging tools will help blood and plasma centers drive donations in innovative ways and communicate with donors at the right time for getting the products they need. Automatic conversations will guide donors to the best opportunities and increase appointment show rates, and intelligent delivery will put messages in front of donors at the optimal time for reduced unsubscribes and maximized engagement.

“Our text messaging Features: are guided by the needs of our customers and the experience of their donors, said Todd Collins, President and CEO of HemaTerra. “Smart texting and intelligent delivery are vital to enhancing the donor experience. As text-messaging communications become more sophisticated, we will continue to evolve and innovate to give our partners better, smarter tools in every new release.”

Spearheading HemaTerra’s integrated text-messaging platform are longtime HemaConnect users Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and LifeStream. Theresa Pina, Vice President of Operations for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, said, “We look forward to the donor behavior metrics and refined communications this integrated platform will bring. To follow the donor’s journey and enhance their interactions with our blood center through learned behavior and dynamic communications is what we have been hoping for.”

“We’re excited to partner with HemaTerra to launch these new tools,” said Valerie Coffin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for LifeStream. “Having a single source for our messaging means the integrations with the rest of our communication strategy go much deeper than any other service could.”