HemaTerra To Host Largest-Ever HemaConnect Users Conference During ADRP Week

HemaTerra, a leading software provider to blood centers, plasma collectors, hospitals and medical facilities will hold its largest HemaConnect Users Conference on May 8 in Dallas, Texas. Donor recruitment, marketing and analytics professionals from around the world will attend to learn the latest trends and donor recruitment strategies from respected leaders. Conference presentations will highlight the benefits of using best practices, donor metrics, artificial intelligence, and other innovations to bolster recruitment activities. The popular “roadmap” session will provide partners the opportunity to suggest and rank Features: to be included in the next product release. The users conference will be held in conjunction with the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) Conference.

“Our annual users conference is an opportunity for us to further connect with our partners and learn more from them,” said Mike Deming, Vice President of Client Services for HemaTerra. “Through face-to-face discussions, we can better understand industry needs, as well as their timeline, so we invest in our products wisely and at the right time.”

A users conference focused on each HemaTerra product is held to educate partners on the use of advanced Features: and how to get the most from them. These conferences also enable partners to contribute to the future direction of our software products. In 2017, HemaTerra software processed more than 35 million donations, 88 million products, and millions of hospital orders and equipment maintenance plans, in addition to 120 million cloud calls, text messages and emails.