HemaTerra Helps Blood Centers Implement Pathogen Reduction with HemaComply

HemaComply–QC, a complete Quality Management System, helps blood centers to implement pathogen reduction technology (PRT) into their platelet production process. HemaComply’s pathogen reduction Features: simplify the process of verifying that products meet the pre-illumination guard band criteria, visually displays the post-illumination eligible container types (Single Volume, Large Volume and Dual Storage), as well providing volume loss calculations in the event that a guard band is not met.

Pathogen reduction is just one feature of HemaComply–QC, a system already recognized for its ability to build, track and monitor Quality Control Plans in real time. HemaComply–QC supports all Statistical Process Control and non-SPC methodologies for product quality control. It also supports platelet qualification, cryo pools, pooled platelets, and others.

The functions of HemaComply’s pathogen reduction feature support current technologies that prepare pathogen-reduced products for transfusion. All data is in real time to speed guard band analysis and quickly identify small volume, large volume and dual storage sets. “New and emerging pathogens challenge the blood collection industry and threaten the health of patients who receive transfusion-transmitted infections,” said Simon Dawson, chief operating officer of HemaTerra Technologies. “Pathogen reduction functions of HemaComply–QC align with organizational processes and greatly reduce the associated paperwork in order to accelerate product throughput.”

HemaComply–QC helps ensure that quality is controlled by organizational process and that procedures are executed successfully. “This system is a reflection of our partners’ valuable insight, which ultimately guided our design and integration with the latest molecular technology,” said Todd Collins, president and CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “Helping our partners resolve challenges with integrated software solutions is an investment we are proud to make, and continue making, regardless of industry fluctuations.”