HemaTerra Year in Review

HemaTerra Technologies is pleased to share highlights of a year made successful with industry partners, terrific clients, and innovative products. In 2016, many blood centers, plasma collectors and hospitals from across the country and around the world were welcomed to the HemaTerra family. They selected HemaTerra’s products to help them streamline their operations within a collections center, laboratory, hospital services, and medical center, as well as across a blood center alliance or affiliation.

“It’s an exciting time in our industry,” said Todd Collins, president & CEO of HemaTerra Technologies. “The changing landscape rewards those that are quick, nimble and open to change and guidance. This holds true for blood and plasma collectors as well as providers, like HemaTerra. Whether our partners lead us into new markets or help perfect our product Features:… it is exciting to be on the journey with them.”

This year was HemaTerra’s best in terms of product implementations – products that help manage donor recruitment, blood product orders, inventory, quality control, and equipment maintenance. HemaTerra has answered the industry’s call for products that are easy to implement, simple to use, and built specifically for our industry. Here are just a few of the year’s highlights:

  • HemaComply – Equipment Manager launched this past October and has received accolades for its intuitive design and broad capabilities. This system addresses the specific needs of blood and plasma centers, and other healthcare facilities.
  • The FrontDesk module was added to HemaConnect and brings critical data where the organization needs it… into the hands of center managers and collections staff. Daily schedule management, conversion candidates, right-type mix and mobile app push notifications are just a few of the Features: requested by our partners.
  • New releases across all products included: HemaControl 1.4 (blood product order and inventory management), HemaConnect 1.7 (donor recruitment CRM), HemaComply – QC 1.3 (quality control management). All releases assisted our industry in addressing needs such as pathogen reduction, right-type mix, rare donor management and Zika.

“Our achievements have been driven by the guidance we received from our clients – sized small, medium and large – and our own willingness to invest in products that help our clients shift as nimbly as the forces around them,” continued Collins. “I am very grateful for the partnerships that have contributed to our successes and look forward to an exciting 2017.”