HemaTerra Technologies, Champion Healthcare Technologies Rebrand as InVita Healthcare Technologies

Two leading solutions providers advancing healthcare technology for complex medical environments.

Baltimore, MD – HemaTerra Technologies acquired Champion Healthcare Technologies in 2019 and is now rebranding the new entity as InVita Healthcare Technologies.

The InVita brand combines industry-leading solutions for optimizing the supply chain performance of blood, plasma, tissue, implants, and others. More than 600 customers—blood centers, plasma collectors, government agencies, hospitals and health systems—are using InVita Healthcare’s 800+ product installations to control supply chain cost, increase compliance, and improve quality and patient safety measures.

“Our InVita Healthcare rebranding is an exciting next chapter for these two great companies,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of InVita Healthcare Technologies. “We have come together under a world-class management team and one company brand. InVita Healthcare is strong and will continue to invest in robust solutions that increase compliance, cost controls, and patient safety.”

InVita Healthcare’s current portfolio of products targets the complexities of blood and plasma collection, as well as implant recall and warranty tracking. For years, blood and plasma collectors, and hospital blood banks, have relied on our solutions to manage their complicated supply chain. Real-time visibility across the supply chain by collection operation, region, division, and full enterprise has been essential. The integrated product suite manages hospital order entry, donor recruitment and engagement, mobile drive and collections staffing, product QC, and equipment maintenance.

For hospitals and health systems, InVita Healthcare’s solution complies with tissue and implant tracking requirements of The Joint Commission and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for implant recalls and device warranty tracking. Its solution helps to ensure that all processes are optimized and carried out fully, and that information is completely and accurately documented. Integrations with key systems, databases, and device manufacturers help to support these high standards of compliance.

InVita Healthcare Technologies’ essential role is to deliver solutions that manage complex medical environments and improve patient safety through greater compliance.

About InVita Healthcare Technologies | InVitaHealth.com
InVita Healthcare Technologies provides healthcare technologies for complex medical environments. Its solutions optimize supply chain performance and visibility for blood, plasma, tissue, implants, and beyond. All for increased compliance, greater cost control, and improved patient safety. InVita Healthcare has offices in Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL, Chicago and Lake Zurich, IL.