New York Blood Center Selects InVita Healthcare’s Enterprise Systems for Product Quality Monitoring and Equipment Quality Control

Baltimore, MD – April 20th, 2020 – InVita Healthcare Technologies (formerly HemaTerra Technologies), a leading software provider for complex medical environments including blood and plasma collection, announces that New York Blood Center (NYBC) has selected HemaComply-Lab and HemaComply-Equipment Manager to manage and standardize product and equipment quality control (QC) and compliance across the entire enterprise. NYBC is one of the largest independent community-based blood centers in the world and with its affiliates—Community Blood Center of Kansas City, Memorial Blood Centers, Nebraska Community Blood Bank, Blood Bank of Delmarva, and Rhode Island Blood Center—collect approximately 4,000 units of blood products each day and serve local communities of more than 75 million people across the country.

“As a company, NYBC has an unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, service, innovation, and leadership in every way,” said Donna Strauss, NYBC’s Vice President of Laboratories.“ Adopting HemaComply-Lab and HemaComply-Equipment Manager will enable us to standardize operations and provide visibility in all areas of the business, keeping the needs and safety of the patient at the forefront.”

“It is more important than ever for organizations to have visibility into their operations, by center, region, division or enterprise,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of InVita Healthcare Technologies. “Being able to broadly adopt product QC guidance requirements and equipment maintenance schedules, while having access to immediate and standardized metrics is vital to ensuring compliance and patient safety measures at all levels. This is especially significant for organizations like NYBC that serve millions of people each year.”

HemaComply–Lab is a complete product quality control system for building, tracking and monitoring QC Plans in real-time. While adding organization and structure to the QC and platelet manufacturing process, HemaComply–Lab saves time by reading from digital sources and makes it easier to track platelet dating extensions, manage tests, and optimize platelet split rates from conventional and pathogen reduced platelets.

HemaComply–Equipment Manager optimizes equipment operation and provides insight into service issues. It supports the full spectrum of equipment needs—daily quality control, asset calibration schedules, and daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance—and carries out high-volume maintenance demands to ensure compliance is upheld. HemaComply—Equipment Manager is also designed for tablet use so users can enter results wherever the equipment is located.

Like all InVita products, HemaComply-Lab and HemaComply-Equipment Manager are integrated with other systems that manage hospital order entry, donor recruitment, mobile drives, collections and staffing.

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