Houchin Community Blood Bank is Live on HemaCollect

Another great partner has joined the majority of U.S. blood centers using HemaCollect! Houchin Community Blood Bank now has the cutting-edge solution for staffing and mobile drive management, designed by blood centers to address the challenges of low employee engagement and retention.

“The powerful features of HemaCollect effectively address the workforce challenges that may impede a blood center’s ability to deliver life-saving blood,” commented Todd Collins, President & CEO of InVita. “Blood center managers and collections staff now have the tools to balance their shifts with personal schedules, ideally increasing their staff morale and service.”

Houchin Community Blood Bank serves donors and hospitals in Kern County and local California communities. Using multiple InVita products, the blood bank will be able to connect critical drive and staffing data (HemaCollect) to donor recruitment processes (HemaConnect) to ensure the right product from the right donor, at the right time.