InVita Healthcare Technologies Introduces Services Plus Package to Empower Healthcare Facilities Amidst Industry Challenges

InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading provider of specialized software for regulated industries, is excited to welcome the first group of customers enrolled in our new subscription-based program, Services Plus Package. This program signifies our unwavering commitment to help healthcare organizations overcome the pressing challenges they face in tissue and implant management.

InVita’s UDITracker™ has been a trusted software solution used in over 650 facilities, enabling facilities to stay ahead of the game in managing and tracking tissue, non-biologics, and implantable medical devices. Our decision to offer this comprehensive support package is a result of obstacles that the healthcare industry is facing, such as rising staff costs, fixed reimbursement rates, and frequent staff turnover. We recognize the difficulty of maintaining accreditation standards during periods of staffing transitions and regulatory changes. With the introduction of our Services Plus Package, our team of experts will help monitor the most challenging aspects of implant management year-round.

Among the key benefits of our Services Plus Package is account maintenance and database monitoring, which ensure that facilities are always audit-ready. One recent subscriber found it challenging to maintain their UDITracker database without dedicated personnel. As a result of our advanced software health checks and guidance, they now have peace of mind, enabling their staff to provide accurate responses to inspectors, maintain bi-directional tracking, and minimize oversights.

‘Services Plus’ also addresses staff training needs. With frequent employee turnover, it is important that newly hired personnel are trained properly on UDITracker. We offer four remote training sessions annually, covering process improvement, best practices, and refreshers. This will not only eliminate errors, but also maintain an audit-ready database during staffing transitions, which will save significant time and resources.

“With the addition of our Services Plus Package, we can now offer a comprehensive set of services that deliver substantial value to our customers,” said Todd Collins, President, and CEO of InVita. “We’re thrilled to welcome our first-time subscribers and look forward to providing them with the support they need to meet accreditation standards and enhance their implant and tissue management processes.”