InVita Healthcare Technologies Announces Transplant Patient Management System to Meet Unique Needs of Transplant Centers

InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading provider of specialized software for complex medical, forensics, and community care environments, announced expansion of its award-winning, cloud-native, iTransplant Donation-Transplant Software Platform to include its new state-of-the-art Transplant Patient Management System for transplant centers.  The world’s leading clinical enterprise software for the Donation-Transplant field, over 20,000 medical professionals across the globe rely on InVita’s iTransplantSM Platform for referral intake (including automated donor detection and referral via InVita’s iReferralSM technology), donor management, screening, suitability, authorization, allocation, organ recovery, logistics and more. Built on advanced technologies, the iTransplant Patient Management System extends InVita’s capabilities to support and optimize the unique workflow and needs of transplant centers throughout the patient’s journey from initial referral and treatment through waitlist, pre-transplant, peri-transplant and post-transplant care.

Maintaining the effectiveness and quality of transplant programs requires continuous quality improvement enabled by evaluation of key metrics to drive advances in both care and outcomes for candidates and recipients.  Built around an intuitive, modern user interface, InVita’s highly configurable iTransplant Patient Management System seamlessly integrates clinical management, communications, and analytics into a powerful digital solution that provides unprecedented visibility into transplant operations while expediting analysis, decision making and information exchange – crucial to the mission-critical life-saving activities of transplant centers in highly time-sensitive settings.

“With InVita’s iTransplant Patient Management System, transplant centers will be able to streamline the collection, analysis, and management of complex information to empower them optimize patient management and transplant decisions while assessing overall performance, evaluating quality of care, and advancing the mission to deliver more successful outcomes and save more lives,” said Todd Collins, President & CEO of InVita.


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InVita Healthcare Technologies is a leading provider of specialized software for complex medical, forensics, and community care environments.  InVita’s Donation & Transplant Management Division continues to expand the iReferral℠ and iTransplant℠ platforms supporting nearly 75% of all Organ Procurement Organizations in the United States and used by more than 20,000 medical professionals across more than 100 organ, tissue, eye, and birth tissue organizations around the world.