InVita Healthcare Technologies Advances Forensic Analysis Documentation and Case Management with Latest STACS Casework Enhancements

InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading provider of specialized software for complex forensic, medical and community care environments, today announced the latest evolution in its flagship DNA and forensic sample management software, STACS®Casework. This update represents a significant step forward in functionality, introducing enhancements that enable forensic professionals to manage and analyze forensic cases and DNA samples with greater efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

The integrity of criminal investigations hinges on strict adherence to state policies and procedures. Errors in DNA processing and documentation can have severe consequences. InVita’s software solutions are equipped with built-in compliance safeguards to minimize the risk of errors or costly delays during DNA processing and forensic case management. These safeguards ensure all steps in the process are documented, reviewed, reported, and managed to maintain the credibility and integrity of an investigation.

As a valued Casework client, Signature Science’s accredited lab in Austin has been using the software in its forensic DNA laboratory since 2020. “Moving from a homemade LIMS to STACS-Casework has significantly increased our efficiency in processing casework and garnered favorable feedback from external assessors regarding record traceability,” said Leslie Parke, Forensic DNA Lab Director for SigSci. “Multiple NDIS labs that outsource DNA testing to Signature Science have commented positively on the ease of review of our casefiles.”

“Continual innovation ensures our software provides clients like Signature Science Austin with the advanced tools needed for precise and reliable forensic analysis documentation and case management,” stated Todd Collins, President and CEO of InVita. “Our latest update enhances the application by allowing for the configuration of both full and half reactions for the sample amplification kit, helping clients tackle modern forensic challenges.”

About InVita Healthcare Technologies

InVita Healthcare Technologies is a leading provider of specialized software for regulated industries, supporting the advancement of public health and safety. Our DNA and Forensics division offers highly configurable software for forensic labs and public health agencies. Our solutions comply with complex regulations, enhance transparency and gain efficiency in DNA and forensic sample management.