InVita Healthcare Technologies Collaborates with Leading Blood Centers to Innovate in Gene and Cell Therapy Management

InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading provider of specialized software for complex medical, forensics, and community care environments, today announced a collaboration with three large blood centers to develop an innovative product for managing advanced therapies, including cell and gene therapy. Known for its preeminence in blood and plasma management software solutions, which provide end-to-end operational visibility, compliance safeguards and integrated processes from donor recruitment through product delivery and billing, InVita is extending its expertise into a highly impactful area—the treatment and potential cure of critical diseases like cancer, diabetes, and spinal cord injuries.

Today, processing for advanced therapies often relies on paper records, spreadsheets, and disconnected information systems. This is especially cumbersome for highly specialized and individualized therapies and essential to scaling operations as demand grows. InVita addresses this critical gap by drawing upon its expertise in managing complex medical processes to offer robust tracking, quality control, and compliance measures specialized for blood centers with cell therapy labs and cryopreservation services.

“InVita and our blood center partners are uniquely positioned to address the intricate needs of these highly specialized and individualized therapies,” said Todd Collins, President & CEO of InVita. “This partnership represents an opportunity to make a substantial impact in accelerating the progress in advanced therapies and helping countless people.”

Initially InVita’s offering will focus on receipt, processing, preservation, and infusion. Over time the offering is expected to expand to mirror InVita’s Blood & Plasma Management offerings that support donor management, collections, scheduling, inventory management, billing, IRL workflow automation, and more. A connected ecosystem of advanced therapy workflow would enhance safety and scalability of advanced therapy management, leading to more effective therapies in the future.

About InVita Healthcare Technologies
InVita Healthcare Technologies is a leading provider of specialized software for complex medical, forensics, and community care environments. Our Blood & Plasma Management division provides integrated software solutions that meet industry demands and community needs by connecting key operational areas end-to-end for complete blood and plasma management, delivering the right donor, the right product, at the right time.