InVita Healthcare Technologies Engages with Industry Leaders to Develop Hospital Transfusion System

InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading provider of specialized software for complex medical, forensics, and community care environments, announced that the company is engaging with industry leaders to develop a hospital transfusion system. As the preeminent supplier of software for blood and plasma centers, InVita solutions provide end-to-end visibility of operations, improve compliance, and eliminate paperwork from donor recruitment through product delivery. A hospital transfusion system would extend InVita’s capabilities to the patient side of blood management and enable an integrated solution from donor to patient.

“InVita has a long history of collaborating with our blood center partners to develop innovative solutions that enable patients to receive the right product from the right donor at the right time,” said Todd Collins, CEO of InVita. “An integrated solution that includes hospital transfusion would close the loop from donor to patient and create opportunities to improve visibility, efficiency, and patient safety throughout the process.”

About InVita Healthcare Technologies
InVita Healthcare Technologies is a leading provider of specialized software for regulated industries, supporting the advancement of public health and safety. Our Blood & Plasma Management division provides integrated software solutions that meet industry demands and community needs by connecting key operational areas end-to-end for complete blood management, delivering the right product, at the right time.