Solvita Blood Center Launches InVita’s HemaCollect Staff App for Employee Engagement and Communication

InVita Healthcare Technologies congratulates Solvita Blood Center (formerly Community Blood Center) of Dayton, OH on launching the HemaCollect Staff App, which allows employees to optimize schedule equity, trade shifts, and communicate more effectively. Connecting staff to scheduling information and notifications—across donor centers and mobile drives—will enhance the overall coordination and service to Solvita’s 30 hospital partners in 18 counties throughout Ohio and Indiana.

“We are always looking for resources to improve staff engagement, retention, work experience, and overall work-life balance. At Solvita, the app is a tool that connects staff to our blood center and helps them adjust work schedules to better align with their personal lives,” said Tracy Morgan, VP Donor Services of Solvita Blood Center. “InVita’s staff app enables employees to trade shifts, provide instant access to blood drive details, manage PTO, and utilize a message center to communicate with supervisors. As someone who has worked in the industry over 20 years, I know firsthand the importance of providing resources with the goal of improving the overall work environment.”

The HemaCollect Staff App addresses retention and work-life balance and provides tools that nurture a happier and more productive workforce. With one-click access from any device, employees can view their upcoming shifts, get GPS directions, and view complete schedule details, while receiving updates, messages, and notifications in real time. An intuitive Trade Board gives staff the freedom to manage their shift coverage experience. Managers can just as easily address shift change requests and coverage emails with the ability to set rules and enable an automated process. Together, creating a seamless, two-way communication for improved collaboration and productivity.

“Our partners came to us with their retention and schedule equity issues, so we took their comments and created the Staff App with the functionality to help them,” noted Todd Collins, President & CEO of InVita. “With nearly four million alerts delivered across multiple channels this year, the app is demonstrating its power to get the right information into the right hands for smoother operations.”

The Staff App is powered by HemaCollect, which manages staffing and mobile operations for more than 50% of the nation’s blood collectors. Integrations with InVita’s HemaConnect (donor recruitment/engagement) and both HemaControl and BloodHub (hospital ordering/inventory management) enable teams to pivot quickly and collect the right products from the right donors when needed via the HemaConnect FrontDesk module.