InVita’s HemaControl Advances Industry Lead with Innovative GPS, Billing and Driver Mobile App

The most robust hospital order entry and inventory management system – HemaControl – takes it to the next level with order tracking, GPS technology, a billing module, and a driver mobile app. HemaControl is the only system of its kind to provide such exceptional operational control, fully addressing the needs of blood and plasma centers, as well as their hospital partners.

New system Features: enable blood center staff to see the entire process digitally, from orders to delivery and chain-of-custody tracking. Your driver’s location, route, hospital delivery, and signatures provide greater control and a full line of sight for blood centers and hospitals. An integrated billing module makes invoicing and transfers seamless. GPS tracking of all shipments and an integrated mobile app give staff one source for tracking their drivers’ delivery progress.

HemaControl is powerful and affordable. Like all InVita products, it integrates with other InVita systems that manage donor recruitment, mobile drives, collections, staffing, product QC and equipment maintenance.

About InVita Healthcare Technologies |
InVita Healthcare Technologies (formerly HemaTerra Technologies and Champion Healthcare Technologies) provides software technologies for complex medical environments. Its solutions optimize supply chain performance and visibility for blood, plasma, tissue and implants. All for increased compliance, greater cost control, and improved patient safety. InVita Healthcare has offices in Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL and Lake Zurich, IL.