InVita’s UDITracker 3.1 Puts Industry-First Capability Into The Hands of Customers

InVita’s latest version release of UDI Tracker®, trusted for tracking tissue and implants from supplier to point of use, is more capable than ever with integrated Bill-Only management and unique InVita ID assignment.

UDITracker 3.1 delivers the first integrated system hospitals and health systems asked for. One solution that does not change their existing workflow, does not require data entry into a separate system, and does not add extra work for their staff. UDITracker brings together real-time and accurate information with visibility of the entire implant lifecycle so teams are efficient and compliance is upheld.

Key Features: of UDITracker 3.1 are:

  • Integrated Bill-Only capability for documenting and reconciling supplier representative purchase orders and payments. Completely digital, this Bill-Only module automatically collects needed information from multiple sources which saves time and ensures accuracy. Barcode scanning technology, advanced labeling options, and add-on RFID storage cabinets support the broadest possible chain-of-custody measures.
  • InVita ID application generates automatically a unique ID for individual implant added to inventory, even if the implant is grouped within a larger lot. Traceability by individual ID, Autologous tissue tracking, and compliance measures are improved.

Used by more than 600 hospitals and health systems, UDITracker leverages data integrations from device manufacturers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS) to streamline workflows and drive efficiency. The outcome is increased cost control and compliance with reductions in waste and loss.

UDITracker 3.1 is just one of the many investments made across both InVita’s products lines this year. Our commitment to bringing innovative software solutions is strong because our customers need it to be, especially during this pandemic and its impact on innovations elsewhere. For our customers and the resilience of our industry, our commitment and our investment will continue.

About InVita Healthcare Technologies |
InVita Healthcare Technologies (formerly HemaTerra Technologies and Champion Healthcare Technologies) provides software technologies for complex medical environments. Its solutions optimize supply chain performance and visibility for blood, plasma, tissue and implants. All for increased compliance, greater cost control, and improved patient safety. InVita Healthcare has offices in Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL and Lake Zurich, IL.