Track-Kit™ by STACS DNA Leads Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Systems Internationally

OTTAWA, ON—December 14, 2020—STACS DNA, the sample tracking solutions company, announced today that Track-Kit is the most used sexual assault kit tracking system in the world. In 2020, STACS DNA implemented Track-Kit in two more U.S. states to the five previously implemented and has already booked additional states for 2021.

In Iowa, the planned rollout of the state’s Track-Kit system was completed by October 2020, despite COVID-19 delays. Iowa is the first state to introduce new Track-Kit functionality that recognizes when a mobile device is being used, allowing sexual assault nurse examiners to scan a kit’s barcode using the cameras on their cell phones or tablets.

“STACS DNA was able to adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions put in place and introduce a completely virtual statewide implementation. We held over 35 online training sessions for users and stakeholders across Iowa, leading to a very successful rollout to approximately 1,500 medical and law enforcement users,” says Steven Gareau, Chief Information Officer for STACS DNA.

Massachusetts’ system saw all counties online by February 24, after a rollout that took just a few short months. Fast statewide rollouts are thanks to Track-Kit’s extreme configurability and STACS DNA’s turnkey service approach, which reduces the workload for state employees. STACS DNA can accommodate thousands of shift workers with live virtual training sessions for each facility on a rolling schedule, as well as multi-channel, ongoing end-user support, which is available up to 24/7, 365 days/year.

In laboratory news, Signature Science, a commercial scientific and technical consulting firm, became the first private lab to implement STACS Casework for DNA sample tracking and lab management at its ANAB-accredited lab in Austin, Texas. The software replaced an internally-developed LIMS and is also being implemented at the firm’s Center for Advanced Genomics in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Equipping the talented scientific and technical staff across our Center for Advanced Genomics enterprise, in both Austin and Charlottesville, with best-in-class STACS Casework is a natural progression of our growing DNA services offering,” said William Thompson, Signature Science’s President & CEO. “Investing in STACS immediately enhances our operations and adds value for our federal, state, and local law enforcement clientele.”

Metro Nashville Police Department has also selected STACS Casework to streamline their forensic lab’s DNA evidence processing. STACS Casework will help the Metro Nashville Police Department’s forensic lab increase efficiency by standardizing documentation and tracking procedures, as well as implementing new methods to track grants and projects for process improvement.

Hugely important to forensic DNA labs this year was STACS’ remote capabilities that enabled lab staff to work from home during the pandemic. Forensic clients were enabled to perform case reviews, check consumables inventory and view reports all from home, allowing them to make progress on their cases safely—without having to be physically in the lab.

“As an essential services provider, we are there for our customers,” said Jocelyn Tremblay, President and COO of STACS DNA. “We are continuing to provide our high level of customer service and support, and all development projects are on track.”

Given that the company’s clients are forensics and healthcare laboratories and their stakeholders providing vital front line services to their communities, STACS DNA didn’t miss a moment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 16, most employees have been working from home. Training and other services usually provided in-person are now performed remotely to maintain timelines and ensure the success of on-going projects.


STACS DNA offers sample tracking software for forensics and healthcare. Track-Kit tracks every sample jurisdiction-wide to prevent delayed or lost kits and keep thousands of stakeholders informed. STACS is comprehensive DNA sample tracking and lab management software, maximizing processing throughput and minimizing risk. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensic DNA labs in North America.

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