STACS DNA Celebrates 20 Years Working with the DNA Community

OTTAWA, ON—December 1, 2020—STACS DNA is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a leader in sample tracking and control solutions. The company delivers software and services to over eighty laboratories internationally, including some of the largest forensic DNA labs in North America.

STACS DNA has maintained an exclusive focus on sample tracking to develop two industry-leading product lines: STACS™, sample processing and laboratory management software for forensic DNA labs, and Track-Kit™, a turnkey solution for tracking samples in transit between facilities to reduce delays and meet legislative or regulatory obligations. STACS and Track-Kit have helped prominent laboratories and state agencies increase productivity, improve transparency and reduce backlogs.

STACS DNA started in 2000 with the development of a first of its kind sample tracking software for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to manage its high volume, high throughput DNA data bank. After successful implementation, the company recognized the need for sample processing software across the forensic DNA community and went on to commercialize STACS Database, which is now the industry standard for forensic DNA database labs in North America.

Since its beginning, STACS DNA has employed an approach that combines configurable, customizable systems with exceptional professional service to deliver exactly what each client needs. This approach allowed the company to gain a deep understanding of chain of custody and the challenges faced by laboratories on a daily basis.

“We have assembled an incredible team of IT and scientific experts here at STACS DNA. I am truly proud of our growth as well as the close and enduring client relationships we have built. The last twenty years have given us many reasons to celebrate and we are excited for what is to come,” said Jocelyn Tremblay, President of STACS DNA.

STACS DNA consistently receives highly-rated client reviews and positive feedback from users. Texas has awarded STACS DNA with eight Grade A ratings in the past three years under their Vendor Performance Tracking System for exceptional customer service response as well as above-and-beyond technical training and set-up assistance. The Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory Service, one of the largest DNA database labs in the world, has been using STACS Database since 2009.

The company’s plans for the future include working with states that pass sexual assault kit tracking legislation to implement Track-Kit, as well as expanding further into the healthcare market.


STACS DNA offers sample tracking software for forensics and healthcare. Track-Kit tracks every sample jurisdiction-wide to prevent delayed or lost kits and keep thousands of stakeholders informed. STACS is comprehensive DNA sample tracking and lab management software, maximizing processing throughput and minimizing risk. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensic DNA labs in North America. Visit

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