Washoe County Uses STACS DNA’s Web-based Remote Collection Module to Reduce Costs and Backlog

OTTAWA, ON—STACS DNA Inc., the only DNA sample processing software provider, today announced that the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) has completed the initial implementation of the Remote Collection Module of STACS-DB Enterprise™ as part of a state-wide system for managing convicted offender and arrestee DNA database samples.

When fully implemented the Remote Collection Module will be used in more than 30 collecting agencies, including prisons, jails, detention centers and parole/probation sites, to enter offender/arrestee data into a web-based application at the time a DNA sample is taken.  This is expected to reduce work for the DNA laboratory staff and have a significant cost impact. Collecting agency staff check to see if the offender/arrestee’s DNA is already in the State database – if it is, the need to collect and process a duplicate sample is eliminated, resulting in cost savings of up to 20%.

Steve Gresko, Senior Criminalist and CODIS Administrator for the State of Nevada, said, “We asked STACS DNA for the ability to perform remote collection to our specifications, and they delivered. We are very pleased with the results. This will help us to be more efficient in the lab and focus our resources on processing DNA rather than administration.”

The WCSO DNA lab cannot process samples for which information is missing or illegible. Previously, lab staff had to do extra work to track down offenders’ social security numbers and other data – sometimes requiring the sample to be retaken – increasing costs, causing delays and impacting the backlog.

The web-based Remote Collection Module provides a simple and intuitive user interface for easy data entry. Supervisors at the collection sites are able to easily and quickly assign security privileges to staff, while lab analysts track the number of kits submitted. The web framework incorporates best practices to ensure security, performance and reliability. Furthermore, additional collection sites can be added if the agency grows or legislation changes.

About Washoe County

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Science Division provides forensic services to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in 14 of the 17 Nevada counties encompassing over 80 agencies. The Division is a full-service forensic laboratory staffed by more than 40 individuals in sworn and civilian capacities. The Forensic Science Division (FSD) is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors / Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB). For more information, go to www.washoesheriff.com.


STACS DNA delivers the only sample processing software specifically designed for DNA laboratories. Since 2000, we’ve helped DNA labs of all sizes to accelerate throughput, cut costs, reduce errors and meet accreditation standards. STACS tracks and controls samples, manages workflows, integrates systems and instrumentation and improves data quality. Used by federal, state, regional and local police forces in the U.S. and Canada, including many of the largest DNA labs in North America. The company is based in Ottawa, ON and Fairfax, VA.  For more information, visit www.stacsdna.com.

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